We Turn Stock Cars Into Police Cars

Today’s first responders require a suite of equipment for their job on the road. Light bars, sirens, prisoner partitions, push bumpers, radios, interior lighting, laptop docks, portable radio chargers, 12V battery low-voltage protection, gun locks, roll-out equipment racks, remote controlled spot and flood lights, strobe lights, rechargeable flash lights, in-car camera systems, remote start. On top of that, your organization may have custom decals which need to be applied to your new vehicles to complete them into the emergency vehicle they need to be. These items sourced from separate suppliers can be a time consuming process, however there is no need to go that route. Instead, Industrial Communications Emergency Vehicle Department / EVOCNW is your one stop shop which can provide all these services and more. We turn Stock Cars into Police Cars!

Good Documentation Equals Good Future Service

Like most products, their service life is limited. At EVOCNW, we realize that eventually, products fail, and will require maintenance and future service. Installs at EVOCNW can be complex, which means our install documentation process must be sufficiently adequate to enable efficient, quality future service. Utilizing cloud technology, our documentation process can be accessed at our shop or in the field for anywhere accessible secure access to past records.