Get Heated Up For Winter With High Speed Low Drag Upfits at EVOCNW

Clean installs, every time.

Winter provides a challenging environment for road warriors. Be seen and be heard with warning equipment from Emergency Vehicle Outfitters Company. Special savings promotion until March 25 2018! Contact Steve McLaughlin for full details.

Fresh install of Kootenai County Utility Truck

A common aspect of public safety vehicles are that they must be highly visible to other drivers on the road. Light bars are often the best way to achieve maximum visibility, providing extra safety for the vehicle’s operator. Thanks to modern LED technology, our selection of WHELEN light bars are incredibly bright, highly visible even in direct sunlight.


Even ATVs need upfits, like this one used for campus security.

Occasionally we see some less-common vehicles in our shop. Boats, RVs, ATVs, and Motorcycles to name a few. In our strive for excellence, these vehicles are never a problem for us to upfit into your perfect vision of patrol or service vehicles. Our full service vehicle shop can convert your plain vehicle into a well-connected, well-heard, and well-seeen patrol or service cruiser using the latest products from Kenwood, Sound off Signal, Fenix, and more.


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