RACOM Corporation, a full service two-way communications company, has a complete full service vehicle upfitter department dedicated to building custom, functional and advanced emergency vehicles for law enforcement, fire, medical and security vehicles all over the inland northwest and beyond.  Our team specializes in building custom solutions for any department.  With their years of expertise in custom fabrication, electrical, mechanical and two-way radio we can make your departments dream a reality too.


Check out this site and see some of the work we do and if you would like we love visitors, give us a call schedule a visit to our facility and see first hand why our customers love us.


Be sure to check out the link “Complete Upfit Process” to see a pictorial representation of the entire process a vehicle goes thru from start to finish.  This process starts with a near tear down of the vehicle and guides you thru the process of turning that stock cruiser into a fully functional law enforcement vehicle.